Space Programmes Unit

The Space Programmes Unit (SPU) operates under the General Directorate of the "AΤΗΕΝΑ" Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies. The principal objective of the Space Programmes Unit is to foster participation of Greece in all aspects of the countryís membership in the European Space Agency (ESA) and assist the nationís competitiveness by advancing the use of leading-edge technologies in space engineering and science in the national, European and international domains. The Space Programmes Unit, as part of the General Secretariat of Science and Technology, advances the GSRT agenda of public service through research, technological literacy, and the application of knowledge to the nationís affairs.

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Main Projects

LFSC A Low Flying Spacecraft Mission
LIDAR A Mesospheric Lidar Mission
WIKI A Knowledge Base for Upper Atmosphere
DeorbitSail A Spacecraft Mission to deploy sails in Space
Deploytech Advancing the Technology of Deployable Structures
MLTI-ED Investigating the Electrodynamic Processes in the Ignorosphere
NFOFRAS National Forest Fire Risk Assessment System